Oak log into 4 x 4s
This is a 10' White Pine log that measures 20" at top .
This log scales out at 175 bf
The log is loaded and ready to start sawing.
Here goes the first cut into the log.
Second cut into log.
Several cuts into the log on different faces to produce the best lumber.
Here is a board from the log. It is 13" wide and is perfectly clear.
Final few cuts produce some nice boards that are still 13" wide. Good for siding or flooring or any other project.
Sawing bark edges off of first cut boards to produce square edges.
This log produce some nice lumber. In total there were 23 marketable boards of which 14 were clear. This log  produced in total 223.5 bf. That is a gain of 48.5 bf or 27.7%.
This is just a picture of some experiments. The post in the front is a 8x8 that tapers to a 6x6. Was trying out for a tapered porch post. The middle post that is covered by snow (sorry) is a 6x6 that is eight-sided. Again trying out for a porch post.