Notice the piles of wood in the background... I got more than I expected out of the 4 logs!
Hank - attached is a picture from yesterday. We greatly appreciate your excellent work. As a result we have a good stack of cherry boards for future use. You will be the first person we call should we have another tree to be sawed.
Thank you.
David Anderson

Tom Scherpa : The Mantel project... Taking a tree from the lot and turning it into a mantel.
Step one... cut down tree (done by landscapers) - Check
Step two... buck tree down into logs - Check
(extra credit for doing so with a rinky-dink battery-powered 10" chainsaw)
Step 3 - Rip logs down to dimensioned lumber - Check (Thanks to Hank ...Clark - Charlestown, NH... If you want his contact info, let me know)
Step 4 - Kiln-dry boards - in progress
Step 5 - build mantel